RIW Flexiseal Pro Primer

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RIW Flexiseal Pro Primer

Used alongside the celebrated RIW Flexiseal Pro, RIW Flexiseal Pro Primer is ideal in helping to protect complex surfaces from water ingress. The primer system and Pro can be applied in two parts to full effect. Flexiseal Pro is developed to tank basements against damp. However, it can also be used in plant rooms. Some users may also choose this option for crack bridging.

The RIW Flexiseal Pro Primer applies extremely easily and can help both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It’s also highly versatile through application with balcony installations and similar fittings. RIW Flexiseal Pro Primer is entirely free from solvents and will offer a long-lasting damp and water ingress barrier.

The product is designed and manufactured with Type A structuring in mind. In particular, it has been tested and approved for use with basement grades 1 through 3. This initial primer is applied directly to the substrate in question to help the Flexiseal Pro product adhere. Should you use Flexiseal Pro, we highly recommend choosing this primer as it is developed for specific adherence.

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