Adomast Resoklens 5L

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All construction tools need heavy cleaning, and Adomast’s Resoklens standard is most effective at cleaning up resin. Resin can harden to a variety of tools and surfaces very quickly. Therefore, time is of the essence - and Adomast’s specific formula will take care of deeper cleans before hardening begins.

You can also use Adomast Resoklens carefully on formwork, should you desire. The product works wonders used sparingly as a residue cleaner. Therefore, should you spill or splash resin accidentally, Resoklens will help you take such splatter off.

Resoklens is available in various sizes, with 8 litres being the recommended size for ongoing projects. While the resin is endlessly functional, cleanup can become a hassle. Therefore Resoklens will help to remove much of the unnecessary elbow grease. Simply follow the instructions and gently apply them to the affected areas of your project.

Adomast Resoklens is a massive support during larger or more complex projects, and where finishing needs to be impeccable. In addition, this solvent is a considerable boon for projects where multiple different tools rotate regularly. Keep clean and carry on.

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