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Precon Release Agent

When blowhole reduction becomes a significant concern, there grows the need for a leading Release Agent. Precon, as one of the top names in the formwork treatment industry, is a brand we highly trust. Their Release Agent is a spray applicant, offering impeccable finish to a variety of formwork.

Clean release from formwork will allow concrete to take on a spectacular finish, ready to reveal. With blowholes being common in uneven or unfinished work, the number of oils specialists carry increases. However, Precon’s all-purpose chemical Release Agent strives to be a single resource for various demands on site.

Available in two main sizes, Precon’s Release Agent is explicitly developed for white concrete success. However, it is suitable for various applications. Their standard chemical Release Agent has the potential to cover up to 50 square metres per litre. That is industry-leading coverage for the price and certainly from a leading brand.

Chemical release becomes essential when the need for a clean finish is an absolute priority. Those working in construction will know that blowholes can sometimes spoil a project. Remove that potential with a reliable Release Agent. Precon’s products are available to buy now and are supported with live basket discounts.


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