Plastic Screed Chair Pack of 100 (3 Parts)

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Plastic Screed Chair Pack of 100 (3 Parts)

For perfect levelling and balance of poles and boards working with screed, high-quality chairs are essential. This Plastic Screed Chair fitting is lightweight yet sturdy and designed to be highly adjustable. Ideal for 50mm pole installations, these Screed Chairs are handy when handling lighter duty projects and applications.

Our Plastic Screed Chairs are regarded as amongst the easiest to use across a wide variety of projects. Almost endlessly versatile, they are corrosion resistant due to their manufacture. In applications where you need to support poles or screedboard, rust and corrosion protection is crucial. Therefore, it is highly recommended you choose Plastic Screed Chairs to assist you along the way.

Complete with saddle, base, collar, and tubing, Plastic Screed Chairs are ready to fit and use out of the box. For projects where even concrete laying is a must, setting up boarding with reliable supports is imperative.

Wobbling or uneven concrete is in danger of breaking apart, causing widespread structural damage.

Plastic Screed Chairs are just some of the essential pieces we recommend for use in construction support. Add to the basket and start benefiting from Tzursteel’s unique live discount feature. Never work with concrete balancing without reliable, durable Screed Chairs.


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