Eazistrip - reinforcement continuity systems, Startabox

Size: EAZISTRIP80H-12-150 H170 B70 L500

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Continuity of Reinforcement at Construction Joints

Eazistrip - reinforcement continuity systems, Startabox.

The use of reinforcement continuity systems is a widely accepted
means of providing continuity of reinforcement across construction
joints in concrete.
The Eazistrip system comprises a galvanised steel casing which
houses pre-bent bars. The unit is cast into the face of a concrete wall
and the bars are straightened, ready for lapping when required.

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Eazistrip Non-Standard Range - Visit Ancon for more product details.



Item code and Sizes

EAZISTRIP80H-12-150 H170 B70 L500 
EAZISTRIP 80H-12-200 H170 B70 L500 
EAZISTRIP 110U-12-150 H170 W90 L450 
EAZISTRIP 110U-12-200 H170 W90 L500 
EAZISTRIP110H-16-150 H170 B96 L640 
EAZISTRIP110H-16-200 H170 B100 L650 
EAZISTRIP140U-12-150 H170 W120 L450 
EAZISTRIP140U-12-200 H170 W120 L500 
EAZISTRIP160U-12-150 H170 W140 L500
EAZISTRIP160U-12-200 H170 W140 L500 

CONBOX 160U-16-150 H170 B140 L650 

EAZISTRIP160DH-16-200 H170 W140L650 
EAZISTRIP190U-12-150 H170 B170L500 
EAZISTRIP190U-12-200 H170 B170 L500 
EAZISTRIP190U-16-150 H170 B170 L600
EAZISTRIP190U-16-200 H170 W170 L650 
KWIKASTRIP 220U-12-150 H170B200L500
KWIKASTRIP 220U-12-200 H170B200L500 
KWIKASTRIP 220U-16-150 H170B200L650 
KWIKASTRIP 220U-16-200 H170B200L650 
EAZISTRIP240U-12-150 H170 B220 L500 
EAZISTRIP240U-12-200 H170 B220 L500 
EAZISTRIP240U-16-150 H170 B220 L650 
EAZISTRIP240U-16-200 H170 W220 L650

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