Concrete Concave Square Bar

Size: 35mm Pack of 600
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Concrete Concave Square Bar

Concrete Concave Square Bars are excellent supports in a wide range of different construction applications. Simple to manage and install alongside mesh, they arrive in one metre lengths for ease of spacing. They are commonly used in spacing out formwork and can be laid directly onto the sub-base.

You will then be able to add mesh or cage reinforcement on top of the Concave Concave Square Bars for simple support. Concave Concave Square Bars are designed to provide lighter, more manageable support. With a concave design, there is less weight and bulk than expected with solid bar support.

These Concave Concave Square Bars are also stronger in design due to their extruded appearance. They are non-wet cast bars and are exceptionally easy to lift and arrange due to their handy, ergonomic design.

Their lightweight form and unique shape allow for easier stacking and space-saving on site. Therefore, you immediately have more room to manoeuvre and less fear of losing storage or pallet space.

Concrete Concave Square Bars are light yet dense, durable, and supportive across an array of applications. Available on quick delivery, you can also add Concave Concave Square Bars to your basket now to take advantage of live discounts. Be sure to consider other mesh and sub-base supports to keep saving.


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