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Perfect for creating seals and plugs for tie holes, Adomast Adoplug is available in powder to mix on-site. It is a compound of fibre and polymer, offering great reinforcement and plugging power on application. It mimics the qualities of cement for a firm yet flexible sealing solution.

Seals created with Adomast Adoplug are watertight, therefore perfect for preventing leakage, saturation, and flooding. This product is famously simple to mix. Add the recommended parts of water to Adoplug and blend until thick. 2kg of Adoplug will, according to the manufacturer, provide one square metre coverage at 1mm of depth.

This powder mixes to create a good, hardy solution that resists cracking and high shrinkage potential. Its incredible bonding power allows you to plug almost any gap where liquid is likely to saturate. In addition, the formula is also weather-resistant and gains extra strength when completely cured.

8kg is the entry-level option available for Adoplug, though a bigger supply is available in 25kg. Adoplug is also impressively chemical resistant, making it a great choice beyond simple water ingress.

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