Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer STD

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While the best concrete mix should remain resilient and robust, Adomast’s Adocure Acrylic Sealer STD adds a little more support. This product helps to seal and cure concrete for best results. It is an acrylic polymer, locking in your concrete, so it has time to fix correctly. This saves you time and lowers pressure - perfect for the most complex construction jobs under time constraints.

Extremely hard-wearing and leaving your concrete easy to clean, Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer STD can also help to render fresh concrete dustproof. It is particularly useful in applications where a speedy concrete setting is a must. This may apply to large-scale projects or even smaller scenarios where pressure is high.

The anti-carbonation coating you receive with Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer STD is also resistant to abrasion. Ultimately, coating with this product will render your concrete firm resolute and difficult to damage. It is also effortless to apply and manage, with fantastic effects visible after just one coat.

Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer STD is ideal for use on newly laid concrete and perfect for applications where saving labour is essential. It is also one of many Adomast products applicable for live discount before you head to the checkout. Add to the online basket to start saving money off your concrete supplies.


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