Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer PF

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Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer PF is a superb variation of Adomast’s popular Adocure Acrylic Sealer solutions that helps to create curing surfaces. Essentially, it is a resin layer, applicable in a single use, perfect for fresh concrete. This product helps to provide a curing standard recognised under ASTM C309. Therefore, it cuts time and effort in curing and setting even large-scale concrete laying.

Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer PF is also fantastic at sealing even standard concrete, making its eventual surface dustproof and resilient. The PF membrane you receive on the application is among the most effective for fast curing. It is useful if you are overseeing a large project and are under tight time constraints or have little labour.

Ensure your surface is just laid and power floated before applying. Adomast is a leading brand in curing protection and concrete resilience. Alongside this acrylic sealer, their Adomast Adocure Acrylic Sealer PF sprays are highly recommended for extra strength and durability over time.

This dual-purpose product will offer up to six square metres of coverage per litre, available from 5 litres upwards. For immediate discounts via live savings, add this sealer to your basket and watch prices cut before you check out. It is one of many Adomast products applicable under our unique deal.


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