Adomast Adocure WW

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While the best concrete mix should already be robust and durable, a helping hand is always welcome. Adomast’s Adocure WW is developed as a crystal-based formula to add extra resistance to your concrete. This simple, water-based solution is famously easy to apply and will help to prevent premature drying.

Crystals deposited by Adomast Adocure WW sink into concrete pores to help provide extra strength and resilience. This product is widely used to help prevent concrete dusting and crack development, too. It is ideally applied to surfaces that have just been cast, vertical surfaces included.

This product is available in a 25 litres bottle. It has a sister product, the Adocure WWT, which adds a visual tint to the crystal layer. However, Adomast Adocure WW alone is widely popular thanks to its ease of use. It is simple to apply via a watering can, for example, once the concrete is safely trowelled.

Adocure WW has a remarkable shelf life, and even a year in transit will help concrete surfaces live up to their full potential.

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