Adomast Adocure Standard

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Adomast’s Adocure Standard is a fantastic resource for helping to lock in cement moisture. This popular product is widely used within construction where concrete curing is difficult or under threat. Arriving in the form of a simple spray, this efficient product will help to keep your concrete from drying out too quickly. Working at 75% efficiency, Adomast Adocure Standard locks in moisture under tight conditions.

Adocure is highly dependable in helping to increase the strength and durability of concrete, too. This spray application will help to reduce the event of cracking or even concrete dusting after the set. It works by allowing users to spray on a film made of thin resin, to stop moisture from escaping. This simple solution is versatile across many concrete curing demands.

Locking in moisture effectively allows concrete to harden and stabilise without fear of breaking down. Even the thinnest or most complex of concrete applications stand to benefit from Adocure strengthening. With so many large scale building projects dependent on standardised concrete, durability enhancement is a must.

Famously easy to use and developed by a leading name in the industry, Adomast Adocure Standard is a must-have. Add to your basket and start unlocking live discounts - with money off at checkout.


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