Naming Rules

How to use

  1. Change the name
  2. Generate the bookmarklet link at bottom of the page
  3. Drag it to your bookmark bar.
  4. Now, on the order details page, you can click this bookmarklet to get the details in short format.
  5. Once you have it bookmarked, you can also click it on this page to load your created rules.
    (For example: when new products are created, or you want to change just some - so you don't have to re-create all)
IMPORTANT Oct 30th 2020:
You can still use the OLD BOOKMARKLET (that doesn't work at the moment) to load the saved settings so you don't need to recreate the rules.
Then, re-generate the rules, drag the new naming rules bookmark to bookmark bar and use it on order details page.

A142 Mesh - Steel Reinforcement - 6mm Cross Bar
A393 Mesh - Steel Reinforcement - 10mm Cross Bar
Annealed Tying Wire, 10KG coil & Double Loop Tying Wire Ties 150mm
T12 Rebar - 12mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
Plastic Mesh Spacers - Membrane Safe
Continuous Wire Chair, Deck Chairs, @ 2m Lengths each, Spacer heights from 50mm to 400mm
T10 Rebar - 10mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
A252 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 8mm Cross Bar Concrete Mesh
T16 Rebar - 16mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
T8 Rebar - 8mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
Concrete Spacers, 25 - 75mm, Blocks, Meshmen and Triple size
A193 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 7mm Cross Bar Concrete Mesh
T20 Rebar - 20mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
DPM, Polythene Membrane BBA 1000g (250MU) 4m x 25m
B785 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 10mm Long and 8mm Cross Bars, Concrete Mesh
Knipex Concretors Nippers/wirecutters 200mm long , Tying Wire Tool Pliers
FFP2, UK Certified 4 Layers Face Mask - EN 149 Notified Body CE 2703. High Quality PPE Masks
B1131 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 12mm Long and 8mm Cross Bars Concrete Mesh
Plastic line spacer, Trick Track continuous lengths of 2 meters
CONCRETE SQUARE BAR, Mars Bars 1M, 25mm to 100mm
B503 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 8mm Long and Cross Bars, Concrete Mesh
T25 Rebar - 25mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
Wire Spacers Circular Shape - 3m Round 60mm to 200mm
Plastic Wheel Spacers
High Leverage Concretors Nips, 99 10 300, 300mm / 12 inch long, Tying Wire Tool Pliers
Structural Steel, RSJ, 152 x 152 Universal Column.
B385 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 7mm Long and Cross Bars, Concrete Mesh
T32 Rebar - 32mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
B283 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 6mm Long and 7mm Cross Bars Concrete Mesh
203 X 133 X 25KG S355J0
Ogura HCC-19BL Battery-Powered Bar Cutter
Ogura HCC-16BL Battery-Powered Bar Cutter
Ogura HCC-13DF - Battery Powered 13 mm Bar Cutter
Ogura HBC-232 - High Tensile, High Speed 32 mm Bar Cutter
Ogura HBC-225 - High Tensile, High Speed 25 mm Bar Cutter
Ogura HBC-520 - High Tensile, High Speed 20 mm Bar Cutter
Ogura HBC-520 - High Tensile, High Speed 20 mm Bar Cutter
Ogura HBC-816 - High Tensile, High Speed 16 mm Bar Cutter
Eazistrip - reinforcement continuity systems, Startabox
Structural Steel , RSJ, 254 x 254 Universal Column.
T40 Rebar - 40mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar