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Changing the Way, You Buy and Order Steel

TzurSteel is a bulk supplier and specialist in reinforcement STEEL, mesh, rebar, and more. We understand that industrial and commercial buyers are not just looking for the best steel products. You’re looking for high-quality, certified steel that costs less to buy at a bulkload.

 All TzurSteel products are approved by CARES and are CE certified. We’re working with some of the biggest suppliers and manufacturing brands up and down the UK, too.

 When you need top-quality steel at discount prices, TzurSteel is your only contact.


Save Money in Bulk - and Get Your Steel FAST

TzurSteel is immensely proud of its unique Dynamic Pricing system. When you buy steel from us and add additional resources and MIXTURE OF items to your basket, you stand to SAVE money as you buy. That means it really does pay to buy in bulk. You can check out more about this side of our service on our Dynamic Pricing page.

What’s more, the TzurSteel team understands that when you need high-quality steel, you need it FAST. That’s why we offer a lightning-quick turnaround on all orders. Check out with us before close of play, and we’ll get your reinforced metal to you ASAP. Again, there’s more information on our deliveries page.


Why order with TzurSteel?

TzurSteel’s passionate team of experts works with more than 100 depots across the UK and beyond. With an HQ in London, we’re always busy bringing in the best-quality metal products and fixings for a wide array of clients.


Need to get in touch? Call 020 3856 8436 or email TzurSteel to learn more - otherwise, feel free to look around!