Cut and Bend Service

Cut and Bend Service

Best Pricing

Manufactured to BS4449/2005 standards

Fully CE certified

CARES Approved

How it works:

Delivery information

Before ordering it’s important to read our delivery information so you know what to expect when it comes to how and when your order will be delivered.

Fast deliveries

Each order has its unique requirements, if you happen to need a fast delivery, let us know and we will review the best route for you.

Example of faster delivery

If you dig the basements in sections, you won’t need the whole order in one go and you might be happy to pay for a split delivery, meaning we can send you the first 25% faster, so you can get going and then we will send the rest few days later.

About the supplier

We’re the UK’s largest online bulk supplier of steel reinforcements, delivering you unbeatable prices, outstanding customer service, and high quality products.

In fact, we ensure every product we sell is CE certified and CARES approved as standard.

“Better deliveries, better prices, better service!”

Why use our cut and bend service?

This service is designed to improve your productivity, and here’s how:

  • Rebars are cut and bent to your exact specifications, ensuring precision and reducing material wastage.
  • Less on-site labour is needed.
  • You can utilise your on-site space better by reducing your useless inventory altogether.