T20 Rebar - 20mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar

Size: 3 Meter
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Reinforcing bar, AKA Rebar is used to help concrete stand tension force, although the concrete is strong enough by nature to withstand compression force, it can also crack from load bending tensile force, and therefore it need help resisting the tensile stress using high tensile substance. 

The deformation shape on the steel bar, with its spacing and height helping the concrete adhere to the steel bar and uniformed a bonded structure.

Using high quality steel with the right recommended and approved grades will ensure you are installing the correct steel and your construction projects are secure, safe, and meet all legal regulations.

Our high quality Rebar are high tensile steel and manufactured to BS4449/2005 standards, they are CARES APPROVED products, and are fully CE certified and meets the required British Standards and European standards (BS and EN).

Tzursteel is an online bulk supplier of reinforced steel, we are specializing in all the reinforcing products, if you need any particular item which is not showing on our website yet then please click here to contact us and we will offer you our best rates to suit your project.


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