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B1131 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 12mm Long and 8mm Cross Bars Concrete Mesh
B1131 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 12mm Long and 8mm Cross Bars Concrete Mesh

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Manufactured to BS4449/2005 standards

Fully CE certified


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B1131 Mesh, Steel Reinforcement, 12mm Long and 8mm Cross Bars Concrete Mesh

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4.8m x 2.4m Basement panel 2.4m x 1.2m
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About the product

Using high-quality steel with the right recommended and approved grades will ensure you are installing the correct steel and your construction projects are secure, safe, and meet all legal regulations.

Our high quality Reinforcement Mesh are high tensile steel and manufactured to BS4449/2005 standards, they are CARES APPROVED products, and are fully CE certified and meets the required British Standards and European standards (BS and EN).


Mesh Size 4.8 x 2.4m Area Covered = 11.52m2


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We’re the UK’s largest online bulk supplier of steel reinforcements, delivering you unbeatable prices, outstanding customer service, and high-quality products.


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Why use reinforcing mesh?
Reinforcing Mesh is used to help concrete withstand tension force. Although the concrete is strong enough by nature to withstand compression force, it can also crack from load bending tensile force. Therefore, it needs help resisting the tensile stress, using high tensile substance.
The deformation shape on the steel bars helps the concrete adhere to the steel bar, creating a bonded structure.

Mesh Size Chart - 4.8 x 2.4m -- Area: 11.52m2

  Longitudinal wires Transverse / Cross wires Mass Weight
Mesh Name / British Standards Reference  Nominal Wire Size (mm) Pitch (mm) Area (mm²/m) Nominal Wire Size (mm) Pitch (mm) Area (mm²/m) Kg/m² Kg/sheet
A393 10 200 393 10 200 393 6.16 70.96
A252 8 200 252 8 200 252 3.95 45.5
A193 7 200 193 7 200 193 3.02 34.79
A142 6 200 142 6 200 142 2.22 25.57
A98 5 200 98 5 200 98 1.54 17.74
B1131 12 100 1131 8 200 252 10.9 125.57
B785 10 100 785 8 200 252 8.14 93.77
B503 8 100 503 8 200 252 5.93 68.31
B385 7 100 385 7 200 193 4.53 52.19
B283 6 100 283 7 200 193 3.73 42.97
B196 5 100 196 7 200 193 3.05 35.14
C785 10 100 785 6 400 70.8 6.72 77.41
C636 9 100 636 6 400 70.8 5.55 63.94
C503 8 100 503 6 400 49 4.51 51.96
C385 7 100 385 6 400 49 3.58 41.24
C283 6 100 283 6 400 49 2.78 32.03
D98 5 200 98 5 200 98 1.54 17.74
D49 2.5 100 49 2.5 100 49 0.77 8.87

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