What Is Reinforcing Mesh & What Is It Used For?

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What Is Reinforcing Mesh & What Is It Used For?

Reinforcing Mesh is used to help concrete withstand tension force. Even though the concrete is strong enough to withstand compression force, it can also crack from load bending tensile force. Therefore, it needs help resisting the tensile stress, using high tensile substance. 
The deformation shape on the steel bars helps the concrete adhere to the steel bar, creating a bonded structure.

The main reason to use  mesh for concrete construction is that it improves the tensile strength of whatever you’re creating. Concrete is an extremely strong building material when it comes to compression forces – hence why we use it so much for foundations. However, concrete loses out when it come to tension forces. A beam made of concrete with no reinforcement in it would be at serious risk of cracking in the middle if any more than the lightest load were placed upon it.

Reinforcement mesh is particularly useful for increasing concrete’s structural rigidity. It is relatively lightweight, dispersing the weight of the concrete and any additional load along its extensive framework of metal rods.

Additionally, when it comes to changes in temperature, reinforcement mesh expands and contracts at roughly the same rate as its concrete housing, making it a safe and effective reinforcing material.

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