What is Rebar, and What is it Primarily Used For?

Rebar  is manufactured steel that is used to help support concrete under heavy stress or tensile duress. If concrete is to bear extreme tension from heavy loads, then rebar is used to help distribute and increase strength. You can order Rebar in various thickness such as 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm.


Do I Need Steel Rebar? 

You’ll likely need steel rebar if your concrete is more than five inches deep and required to hold heavy loads such as heavy machinery, driveways and more. In some cases of smaller projects, it might not be require, but you should consider include rebar to add more strength such as shed base. If you’re not sure if your project needs steel rebar, feel free to talk to us on the chat or to call us.




How Does Rebar Strengthen Concrete?

Rebar is fantastic at supporting tensile stress. This means that it is adept at redistributing weight and pressure. Therefore, concrete receives an overall stronger and more durable level of support.


Why Do You Need Steel Bars for Concrete?


Concrete not supported by steel or rebar may be at risk of bending or breaking. This could cause damage and even injure people.




How Strong is Concrete with Rebar?


That depends on the size of your slab, the type of rebar you use, and how much it supports. However, rebar will combine with concrete to create an altogether stronger, more tensile-stable product.


Can I Purchase Custom Steel Rebar?

Yes, At Tzursteel we can order Cut & Bent rebar to your needs. Please contact our team regarding custom cut and bent rebar if you have complex or specific needs.


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