Does a Concrete Slab Need Wire Mesh?

If your concrete is likely to bear heavy loads, then wire mesh or Reinforcement Mesh can be a fantastic asset. For example, if you are going to place heavy machines and vehicles on slabs, you may need strong, durable mesh. Reinforcement is extremely beneficial for concrete flooring as it helps reduce the likelihood of tensile stresses, cracking, or structural failure


How Does Wire Mesh Help Concrete?

Wire mesh can help to redistribute weight applied to concrete slabs and concrete flooring, as well as its own tension. Concrete does not always hold up perfectly under tension, and the best mesh can therefore balance out the pressure.

The best wire mesh available can help to double the strength of your concrete! It can help to spread the weight via its grid setup, supporting very heavy concrete.


Is Wire Mesh Better Than Rebar?

Rebar and wire mesh have very different properties, but both are great for supporting heavy concrete. Rebar is better suited to concrete slabs of at least five inches deep. Wire mesh may be a better support for smaller concrete loads.


What size Reinforcing Mesh do I need?

At Tzursteel you can find different types of Reinforcing Mesh such as A142, A193, A393 B1131 and more . 

To know what size reinforcing mesh you need for your project, Please look at our sheet size and call us if you have any other questions.


 Is Reinforcing Mesh Expensive?

No - in fact, TzurSteel helps to make wire mesh reinforcement more affordable with their dynamic pricing system. In many cases, reinforcement wire mesh will cost less than rebar, if it is an appropriate solution.